Early Access Development Update

Hey, I’m Zukata, the Creative Director of War Robots: Frontiers. I’m here to share an important update about War Robots: Frontiers Early Access and Open Beta. 

It’s been a pleasure to welcome you all to the Wild Ten and experience the exciting new universe we’ve been building together. Thanks for taking the time to play and share your feedback!

We want to deliver a great game that new and existing War Robots fans will love, but it’s clear that we first need to set our sights on making War Robots: Frontiers a more polished and complete package in the long term.

This means that War Robots: Frontiers will enter a more heavily-focused phase of development. We will not launch any major content updates in the meantime, but will instead focus on a revitalized, large-scale update for the game that will launch alongside Open Beta. We now plan to launch Open Beta on PC in 2024, with more information about the console version to follow at a later date. The game will remain fully online and playable throughout Early Access. 

You will also notice that communication will be less frequent over the coming months as we focus our efforts on developing the best possible version of War Robots: Frontiers. If you want to hear the latest news, share feedback, or if you need help, you can reach us via the official Discord or MY.GAMES Support

This additional development time will be committed to optimization, polishing, completing planned features, and improving our network infrastructure. Our focus will be on some of the following key points:

  • The Hangar: War Robots: Frontiers aims to offer the best mech builder in a multiplayer game. This will be a game where our Pilots feel at home in their Hangar as they tinker away and build their ultimate Robot. Improvements to the interface are necessary, but other changes are planned too. The goal is to make this feature exciting, intuitive, and ultimately rewarding. 
  • New Player Experience: Feedback shows us that players are not currently utilizing all systems in a match to their fullest potential, which makes for less satisfying gameplay. While we strive to create deep game systems that reward savvy Pilots, we want to ensure that new players feel comfortable as they start their journeys on the Wild Ten. For that reason, we will improve the new player experience by better introducing core mechanics through a vastly improved tutorial. 
  • Technical Polish: At the moment, various technical issues are detrimental to the War Robots: Frontiers gameplay experience. We are working to address issues that affect both visuals and audio, as well as crashes. Further optimization of all aspects of the game is naturally part of our ongoing development efforts. 

Thank you for all your fierce support, passion, and patience. We are developing War Robots: Frontiers with our incredible fanbase in mind, and we promise to deliver a worthy new installment in the War Robots series in 2024!

See you on the Wild Ten!

  • Zukata, Creative Director of War Robots: Frontiers


When will War Robots: Frontiers launch in Open Beta on PC?

The PC version of War Robots: Frontiers will launch in Open Beta in 2024. We will announce exact dates and an updated roadmap on the website, Steam, social media, and the official newsletter when the Open Beta is closer to release. If you want to be among the first to know, join the official War Robots: Frontiers Discord!

Will War Robots: Frontiers be free-to-play in Open Beta?

Yes, War Robots: Frontiers is designed as a free-to-play experience. All players can play for free starting with Open Beta, with optional microtransactions (including Battle Passes) also available.

Is the console version of War Robots: Frontiers still planned for release?

Yes, we plan to release War Robots: Frontiers on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. We will announce more details about the console version of the game at a later date.

Will servers remain open during Early Access?

War Robots: Frontiers will remain active and playable via Steam and MGLauncher for existing players and anyone who buys a Pioneer Pack. However, communications on social media channels, the official website, and Steam will be limited, and any updates and hotfixes that may be released during this time will be smaller in scale.

Can I still buy a Pioneer Pack and play in Early Access?

Yes! There will be fewer updates and communications as we work towards Open Beta. However, Pioneer Packs will remain available for purchase, the servers will remain live, and the game will remain playable.

When will the next Early Access update be released?

Minor updates and hotfixes will be released periodically, while large-scale content updates (such as Meet the Corpos and Pilots) will only be released starting with the Open Beta launch. For details about new updates and hotfixes, keep an eye on Discord.

What kind of communications can players expect in the meantime, and how can we stay informed about the development progress?

Communications on the website, Steam, and social media channels will be a little quieter before Open Beta. You can join the official War Robots: Frontiers Discord, where the Community team will be available to answer questions, provide updates, and host regular community events throughout Early Access.

Will any progress wipes be carried out during Early Access and before Open Beta starts?

Yes, at least one progress wipe is planned before the release of Open Beta so new players can enter the fray on a level playing field with veteran Robot Pilots. Any progress wipes will be announced in advance on Discord, the official website, and Steam. 

If you transfer items to War Robots: Frontiers from your web Inventory and the game undergoes a progress wipe, don’t worry: your items are safely tracked and will be available to transfer again from your Inventory.

Can I request a refund?

If you would prefer to receive a refund for your Pioneer Pack, contact Steam Support for any purchases made on Steam or MY.GAMES Support for any purchases made on the official website.

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