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What are the benefits of a Pioneer Pack?

Pioneer Packs give you exclusive content you can't get anywhere else, including Early Access to War Robots: Frontiers and lots of unique and useful in-game content.

What is the difference between Pioneer Packs?

Each Pioneer Pack brings you a set number rewards, with more valuable packs providing more lucrative bonuses. Check the Pioneer Packs page for more details!

What is Early Access?

Early Access is a period when the game is available for testing to a select group of players who own Pioneer Packs. After Early Access ends, the game will enter the Open Beta phase and become free to play for everyone.

To help all Robot Pilots start the game on a level playing field, at least one progress reset will be carried out ahead of the Open Beta launch.

What is a Robot Decal?

It's an exclusive cosmetic item you can apply to your War Robot to help stand out in the crowd, and show everyone that you are an Early Access veteran of War Robots: Frontiers!

What are the benefits of a Premium Battle Pass?

A Battle Pass allows you to unlock items just by playing the game. The Premium track allows you to unlock even more items, including exclusive cosmetics and early access to new equipment.

What are the benefits of Premium Status?

Premium Status grants +25% to Credits earned and +20% to Experience gained from every battle while active.

When will I receive my rewards?

While certain in-game items will be available for you starting with Early Access, some will only be available in Open Beta.

Can I play without buying a Pioneer Pack?

Pioneer Packs allow you to play War Robots: Frontiers exclusively during the Early Access phase. Once Open Beta kicks off, everyone can play for free

How long will the Early Access phase last?

We expect it to last from a few months to a year.

Can I buy a Pioneer Pack for my friend?

Not yet, but we will add this option in the future.

Can I upgrade my Pioneer Pack to a higher tier?

Yes, you can upgrade your Pioneer Pack to a higher tier through the Pioneer Packs page. You just need to pay the difference between your current Pack and your chosen upgrade.

Will I be able to buy a Pioneer Pack after release?

No. Pioneer Packs will only be sold once, leading up to and during the Early Access phase. All Pioneer Packs will be available until the launch of Open Beta. After that, Pioneer-exclusive items will become unobtainable.

What are WarpReals?

WarpReals are a premium currency that you can spend in-game on new gear and customizations. 100 WarpReals are equivalent to $4 USD (regional currencies may vary).

Is it possible to receive refunds for Pioneer Pack purchases?

To request a refund, please contact Support.

Before purchasing a Pioneer Pack, we recommend that you ensure that your PC corresponds with the minimal system requirements. Additionally, you should ensure that the platform you purchase the Pioneer Pack for (including MGLauncher, Steam, and VK Play) is the one you wish to play War Robots: Frontiers on.

How do I transfer items from my Pioneer Pack to my account in War Robots: Frontiers?

"Log in to the War Robots: Frontiers website with the account you use to play the game, and go to your Inventory. Select the item(s) you wish to transfer, and verify that your details are correct. Confirm by clicking ‘TRANSFER ITEMS’, and then ‘CONFIRM THE TRANSFER’.

You will receive any transferred items in your in-game inventory (please allow some time for your items to appear once sent).

Additionally, you can also transfer items from your Inventory in-game. Simply go to your Hangar and press ‘C’ (or find the button in the lower left corner) to begin the item transfer process.

IMPORTANT: The transfer process cannot be reversed. Ensure that your details are correct before confirming the transfer."