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How do I transfer an item to my account in War Robots: Frontiers?

"Log in to the War Robots: Frontiers website with the account you use to play the game, and go to your Inventory. Select the item(s) you wish to transfer, and verify that your details are correct. Confirm by clicking ‘TRANSFER ITEMS’, and then ‘CONFIRM THE TRANSFER’.

You will receive any transferred items in your in-game inventory (please allow some time for your items to appear once sent).

Additionally, you can also transfer items from your Inventory in-game. Simply go to your Hangar and press ‘C’ (or find the button in the lower left corner) to begin the item transfer process.

IMPORTANT: The transfer process cannot be reversed. Ensure that your details are correct before confirming the transfer."

What can I transfer?

You can transfer Pack contents (including Pioneer Packs), newsletter rewards, items from codes, promotions, competitions, and special events to War Robots: Frontiers.

How do I receive my transferred items once I’m in-game?

You will receive any transferred items automatically (once the transfer process has completed). Open and play War Robots: Frontiers to receive your items after a successful transfer.

Will my items be safe in the event of a progress wipe?

We may conduct progress wipes while War Robots: Frontiers is in Early Access. If you transfer items to War Robots: Frontiers and the game later undergoes a progress wipe, don’t worry: your items are safely tracked and will be available to transfer to the game again from your Inventory.

Why can't I transfer certain items?

Not all items available in Pioneer Packs are available for immediate transfer from your Inventory to the game. At the release of Early Access, you will only be able to transfer Orkans and Varangian to your account. Please stay tuned for updates about when you can transfer restricted items to War Robots: Frontiers.

I am having trouble transferring items to the game, or I did not receive my transferred items. What should I do?

"If you can’t find an answer in this FAQ, please contact Support. "