Community Spotlight: December 2023

War Robots: Frontiers ended 2023 with a bang, and we want to thank our community for all the support this year. If you missed the fireworks, you can check them out here, along with our 2023 review.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our Festive Free Week events—we hope you collected all the rewards you wanted! A special shout-out to everyone who worked together to complete Warlords of Winter, and claimed a bunch of extra resources for the holiday season.

In today’s Community Spotlight, we’ll review your achievements from December 2023 and share what the dev team is working on in Early Access.

Promo Codes

There’s still time to unwrap special gifts from the holiday season with promo codes!

  • MTNWFHVK: Grants Trebuchet x1 (Weapon) 
  • 2ERTARQ5: Grants Lancelot Torso x1 (Robot Part)

Claim them while you can, as these promo codes expire on January 31, 2024. Redeem your codes here.

Community Content 

In December, we asked you to create holiday-inspired concepts for everything from Robots to Weapons—and you delivered.

Light Buster and ĐɆ₴₮ⱤØɎɆⱤ from Discord both provided awesome Robot designs based on Krampus.


𝔡𝔢́𝔪𝔬𝔫𝔲𝔰𝔰-𝔡𝔞𝔯𝑘𝔲𝔰𝔰 also shared their prototype concept of a new Robot they named “Arachné”.

Last but not least, zaito took some time over the holidays to create and share more of their amazing Lego builds with us. Check out these Harpy and Siren builds.

Development Insights

Here are a few of the sneak peeks into the development process we shared on Discord in December:

New Year, New You

We wanted to give you an early look at the new shop UI, where you’ll be picking up your shiny new skins, including a few concepts of various paint jobs.

New Weapons for Titans

We showcased a concept of a new weapon for Matriarch—a mid-range autocannon. With this new weapon, you can expect a shift in gameplay, as it offers a more versatile option compared to the current short-range single-shot shotgun. Our aim is to make Titans more versatile while maintaining their unique feeling. 

New Common Pilot Concept Art

We're working on the design for the common Pilots that all players will start out with. 

VFX Maneuver Jets

We're working on incorporating new VFX maneuver jet animations that activate as you navigate your Robots through the battlefield. Additionally, we're closely monitoring all your feedback and making further tweaks to animations and movement in general.

Every Friday throughout January: Community Play Sessions

Drop in to say hi and ask questions every Friday at 17:00 UTC (times may vary). You can check specific dates and times via the Event Schedule on Discord.

Thanks for playing, Pilots!

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