Play the Spring Update on March 27!

Grow your power in the Spring update, arriving March 27in War Robots: Frontiers! Pilot two new Robots, battle on the new Catalyst Map, ramp up your damage with new Weapons and a new Ability, and so much more.

All Pilots can play War Robots: Frontiers for FREE from April 11 until May 2. Invite your friends to squad up and experience Early Access and the Spring Update with you!


War Robots: Frontiers will soon use a new format to store user data. On March 27, all account progress will be wiped to accommodate this. We want to ensure you can jump right back in and easily build up a fresh new Hangar, so all Pioneer Pack owners will receive a Resource Pack post-wipe to help you get back in the cockpit.

Check out the full FAQ at the end of this article for more detailed information.


Highlight enemy positions, ping them for your allies, and prepare to fight with Orochi, and buff your allies to deal increased damage as Purifier


Jump into Catalyst and prepare for explosive gameplay! Pilots will encounter an aggressive volcanic environment, where lava rivers pose just as much of a threat as the enemy. 


Take to the battlefield with two brand-new weapons! Wield the heavy flamethrower Incinerator, and shoot a high ballistic trajectory with Rampant. Slow down your foes and inflict damage with the new Ability, Minefield


Test out your Robot builds before you hit the battlefield with the brand-new Firing Range. Prep, assess, fight!


Enhance your Titans in the new Titan Constructor, and give them more firepower with new weapons for Alpha, Grim, and Matriarch!


What is a progress wipe?

A progress wipe refers to the deletion of all user data related to War Robots: Frontiers on our servers. This means all players will have their accounts reset to new accounts with no existing progress.

What will be wiped?

The wipe will delete all in-game information of players, including: inventory (purchases, awards, etc.), collected Robots, Robot presets (local and shared), statistics, ratings, quests, in-game friends, etc. Essentially, everything will start from scratch.

Will there be compensation for Early Access players?

Yes, additional resources will be added to your account based on your account level at the time the progress wipe was announced.

When is the progress wipe?

The progress wipe will take place on March 27 at 10:00 CET. 

Why is there a progress wipe?

We are switching to a new format for storing user data.

Will there be another progress wipe?

Yes we will perform another at least one more progress wipe prior to War Robots: Frontiers entering Open Beta.

How much time is there before the next progress wipe?

We have one more wipe planned, and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the Spring Update before the next wipe is planned.

What will happen to resources and rewards I received from Community Events, promos, and Twitch Drops?

Any rewards that were subject to the progress wipe will not carry over.

What will happen to Twitch Drops rewards?

Rewards received from Twitch Drops will be returned to your web Inventory. 

What will happen with purchased content from Pioneer Packs?

Any content from your Pioneer Packs that is available in the War Robots: Frontiers Spring Update will be returned to your web Inventory. If it is unavailable in-game, it will still be there, it just won't be able to be transferred into the game.

When will the rest of the Pioneer Pack content be sent?

The rest of your content will arrive when the game is released.

If I purchased a Pioneer Pack, will I still be able to play in Early Access after the process is wiped?

Yes any existing Early Access obtained from purchasing Pioneer Packs will not be affected. 

Can I change the account with which I use my Pioneer pack?

Account IDs will not be changed. Transfer of Packs to different accounts will not be possible.

What will happen to my account name?

These will not be changed and will be retained after the wipe. 

Is there anything I should do before the progress wipe?

No, there is no need to do anything to prepare, just be aware that your account progress will be reset on March 27.

Check out the patch notes for a full list of new features and changes coming in the Spring Update!


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