Spring Update (0.14): Update Notes (March 27, 2024)

Attention, Pilots! The following changes will be made to War Robots: Frontiers (Early Access), which will be available following a period of maintenance on March 27, 2024. 

Update your game to the latest version after the update to start playing in Early Access. Even if you haven’t got a Pioneer Pack, you can play for free and experience the Spring Update from April 11 until May 2!


  • Orochi: This fast, lightweight scout is designed for reconnaissance, able to highlight enemy positions, place pings, and go back to his team to prepare for a fight.
    • Spotlight: Enables speed boost, highlights enemy positions, and allows allies' weapons to lock on.
  • Purifier: This heavy Robot stays close to its allies, buffing them as it leads them into battle. 
    • Zealot: Within a certain radius, Purifier and its allies are able to deal increased damage. For each enemy shield penetrated by allies and each Robot killed, the damage bonus increases.


  • New Ability - Minefield: Place a set of mines on the ground and slow down your foes and inflict damage when they dare take a step. 
  • New Weapons: Take to the battlefield with two brand-new weapons:
    • Incinerator: Wield the power of fire with this heavy flamethrower.
    • Rampant: Shoot a high ballistic trajectory with this light grenade launcher, causing massive AoE damage. 
  • Titan Constructor: Players can now change Titans’ weapons, level them up, and customize them.
  • New Titan Weapons: Give your Titans more firepower with new weapons.
    • Bayonet (Alpha): So good, it hertz! This electromagnetic medium-range pulse laser packs a shocking punch. 
    • Jigsaw (Grim): Fire a blade projectile that can ricochet from surfaces and tear into enemy targets.
    • Scrubber (Matriarch): Say hello to my little friend! A pair of multi-barrel machine guns will wipe out the competition.
  • Improved Robot Animations: New functions were added, and existing ones have been better configured. 
  • Improved Robot movement over complex terrain and their interaction with objects on the map.
  • Dash is more predictable and manageable now.
  • New visual effects when controlling Robots in the air and the interaction of the Robot's legs with the surfaces, including improved dash and jetpack effects.
  • Visual effects updated for the Deadlight, Speed Boost, Blast Wave (now Bomb Blast), Transfusion (now Siphon), Sharp Feathers (now Fusillade), Infinite Ammo, Fuel Reserve, Grounded, and Healing Drone abilities.


    • Pilots Voiceovers – Pilots' voiceovers have been added to the game as reactions to certain events. With new updates, the number of events with Pilot reactions will increase.
  • New Pilot system:
    • A Pilot is now a required part of your Robot build. 
    • Added Common Pilots with fixed randomly generated Talents. 
    • New interfaces for setting up Pilots, leveling, and selecting Talents.
    • Various Pilot Talents have been reworked. 
    • New Pilot Talents have been added.


Customize your Robots with new decals, stickers, materials, colors, and weathering effects. Express yourself!


  • Average Credits per battle have been increased from 80 to 208.
  • Account Level progression now requires less EXP per level to advance. 
  • Daily Deals prices have been increased to balance the additional Credits now received from battles.
  • Upgrade prices are now reduced by 25%. 


Test the effectiveness of your Robot and Titan builds against static Robots and aggressive AI Bots in the new Firing Range. You can also test their mobility in a special racing zone. Access the map from the Hanger screen, and prepare to test your mettle.


Jump into Catalyst and prepare for explosive gameplay! The new map is available across all three game modes. Pilots will encounter an aggressive volcanic environment, where lava rivers pose just as much of a threat as the enemy. 


The ex-Crash Site map has some exciting new changes!

  • The visual design of the map has been updated:
    • Redesign of the industrial zone and architecture destruction.
    • Redesign of the natural zones and more zones added.
    • Additional lighting scenarios have been added, including day, dawn, and rain.


  • Updates to Existing Maps: All maps have been renamed to better suit the game's narrative.
  • Spectrum (ex-Crash Site)
  • Fissure (ex-Mont)
    • Building architecture and destruction have been updated.


  • Dazzle Ability’s damage reduced. 
  • Vortex reload time increased. When the weapon is upgraded to the highest level, reloading it takes up to 8.5 seconds.
  • Speed values of the Robot chassis will now be rounded to the nearest whole number.


  • New voiceovers in-game. 
  • New audio notifications when Robots and Titan spawn. 
  • New audio notification to help identify low fuel.
  • Weapon reloading sounds have been updated for Quantum, Thunder, and Dragoon.


  • Friend List: Now gives the ability to set up social connections, play together, etc.
  • Leagues: A new league system has been added to the game. Leagues will have seasons, during which a player can rank up and receive rewards when reaching certain milestones. The top 100 players will be displayed on a new leaderboard in-game.
  • Skip the tutorial option added for experienced players.
  • Dynamic Resolution option added to settings. This setting can only be enabled when selecting any upscaler (except DLSS) or TAA anti-aliasing.
  • The Robot Constructor user interface screen redesigned.


  • Map can now be opened full screen in the middle of the battle by pressing the M key.
  • Floating damage numbers can now be turned off in the Settings.
  • Damage dolls of other Robots in a match now change along with the orientation of the the associated Robot.


  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to exit by pressing the ESC button while searching for a match
  • Fixed a bug where two squads could not get into the same match.
  • Fixed an issue where ability or currency rewards were not shown in the post-combat Hangar scene.
  • Fixed an issue where a player in a squad who was kicked out of a match due to network issues could not rejoin the match.
  • Fixed a problem where Total Honor did not display the earned honor in the “details” screen of the post-combat Hangar scene. 
  • Fixed an issue where the ESC menu would not close when leaving a client match.
  • Fixed an issue where the counter for some missions didn’t work correctly. For example, the mission “play 2 battles” would be completed after you have played only 1 battle. 
  • Fixed various bugs on Tutorial Map.


  • Improved AI Opponent navigation on maps.
  • The Team and MVP showcase post-battle scenes have been temporarily disabled as we work to improve them.
  • Network ping times displayed in the Match Statistics Tab now show more accurate data.
  • Match time for Elimination game mode increased to 15 minutes.
  • All account progress from Close Beta Testing has been reset.
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