Summer Update Now Live: Make a Splash with New Features & Events!

Swap the beach for the battlefield in the Summer Update, now live in War Robots: Frontiers! Grab a Pioneer Pack to enter the fray in Early Access on PC via Steam and MY.GAMES Launcher, available from and Steam.

With the Summer Update comes new changes: 

  • All Garages (previously Hangars) have now been reset. Due to balancing changes, some Builds may no longer be viable for battle. Your saved preset Builds have now been transferred to the new Robodex. 
  • All Legendary Pilots have been removed from the game. You’ll be compensated accordingly with Intel (dependent on Pilot level). Until Legendary Pilots return in a future update, the ability to claim Kate Sinclair from Pioneer Packs will be unavailable (Intel will be given as compensation in the meantime). 


The new Battle Pass lands in War Robots: Frontiers on July 23. It’s set to be full of exclusive items for the discerning Pilot, so get ready to grab it from the in-game Shop when it releases!

  • Fenrir (Robot): Fenrir's best bet is to rush into a fight, trade armor, withdraw, and regenerate. This requires a skillful combination of abilities and tactical maneuvering. 
  • Fowler (Weapon): A heavy shotgun for the patient warrior. Take some time to line your shot up for a more accurate blast.
  • Repair Module (Ability): Molecular bonding agents identify and repair your most damaged module.



While we work to address your feedback on the Summer Update, we have made the decision to postpone the two Community Events  due to begin on July 10th.

  • July 9: Log in and play daily until July 15 to obtain additional Credits, Alloys, and a full Fenrir Build! 
  • July 10: Keep an eye on Steam for your chance to win Early Access.
  • July 10: Share your gameplay clips and screenshots on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with the hashtag #WRFrontiers for a chance to win Weapons, Credits, and Alloys.
  • July 12: Participate in a Community Play Session on Discord. Check the Events Channel for local times. 

PLEASE NOTE: All rewards are subject to future Progress Wipes.


  • Ares: It’s not all Greek to Ares. Activate a shield and receive an extra weapon with Ares’ Retribution Ability, perfect for last-ditch victory snatchers, or masters of strategy. 
  • Phantom: It may act like a specter on the battlefield, but Phantom’s no friendly ghost. Activate the Flashback Ability to place a local Warp Point for you and your allies so you can quickly get back into the fight… or retreat.


  • Trident (Weapon): Deal high-explosive damage with this heavy midrange cannon that also assaults nearby areas. 
  • Siphon Link (Ability): Bind yourself and the enemy with a beam that does more damage the closer the Robot is to the target.


  • Robodex: The Robodex is a new library of all the standard factory Robot Builds available in-game. You can easily manage all your preset Builds here and move them directly to your Garage.
  • Workshop: The Workshop is a new tab in the Garage with an additional Constructor section accessible from the main menu. Pilots can create and plan Builds without requiring a Garage slot. Once a Robot is completed in the Workshop, it can be saved to the Robodex for later use. 
  • Classes: All parts now belong to specific Classes to help Pilots better identify the strengths and weaknesses of their abilities, weapons, and Builds, and create Robots that match their preferred playstyles.


The Summer Update also comes jam-packed with improvements, including:

  • Sound improvements such as new music for the Garage, new voice lines for Pilots, and much more.
  • AI Bots can now use the Smart Ping system, will avoid dangerous conditions, and have learned to pick up Power-Ups.
  • Updated visuals of all Maps and updated spawn positions.
  • New take-off, flight, and landing animations.
  • Improved navigation in the Shop with detailed info on each item.

Check out the full Summer Update patch notes for a full list of new features and changes in the Summer Update!


Purchase a Pioneer Pack to join the fight and play War Robots: Frontiers in Early Access, available from and Steam

You can choose from four Packs, with each unlocking Early Access and exclusive bonus content:

  • Iron Pack: Contains Early Access and four (4) Orkans (Weapons).
  • Steel Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), and 300 WarpReals (in-game currency).
  • Titanium Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), Kate Sinclair (Robot Pilot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), one (1) legendary-quality Robot Decal, one (1) Premium Battle Pass, 90 days of Premium Status, and 750 WarpReals (in-game currency).
  • Platinum Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), Kate Sinclair (Robot Pilot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), one (1) legendary-quality Robot Decal, four (4) Premium Battle Passes, 1 year of Premium Status, and 1,250 WarpReals (in-game currency).

For more details about Pioneer Packs, check out our dedicated article.


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