Tales From The Wild Ten: Old Wars Never End

Tales From The Wild Ten is a series composed by writer Patrick Kindlon, exploring the adventures and exploits of the Robot Pilots who make their way to a clutch of new planets named the Wild Ten in pursuit of a new destiny. Read on to explore the first of these stories from the War Robots: Frontiers universe! 

The galaxy hangs on a fragile truce. Since the end of the Walking Wars, rival corporations have been locked in a tense standoff. Each faction has a legion of war machines at the ready, and a civilization-shaking conflict is only a command away. But that command does not come. Too strong to lose, too weak to win, centuries passed without resolution, and the Pilots who guarded the peace faded from memory—but not from legend.

Hundreds of years later, an emerging technology opens old wounds. World Gates enable humankind to travel far into uncharted space and towards new lands to conquer. Calling on mercenaries willing to take great risks for even greater rewards, Corporations enlist a new generation of War Robot Pilots to join the battle on the outer worlds known as the Wild Ten. 

Many answer the call. 

The journey across the gulf of space is dangerous, but on the other side lies the promise of a better life. On this distant frontier, old loyalties are forgotten, and what remains is a hardy people ready to put aside their past for a brighter future. For most, it’s a one-way trip to a fresh start—but nothing is free.

For many coming to the Wild Ten, this new life necessitates working for the corporations they would rather forget. Called corpos, skippers, ministries, or big lice, depending on what part of the galaxy you’re from, the long arm of the old world even reaches here, on the edge of space.Cooperation is unavoidable, but on the Wild Ten, Pilots can set their own terms. Back home, factionsinsist citizens swear loyalty to them. But soldiers at the far end of the galaxy? That’s a different story. War in the Wild Ten is a seller’s market, and Pilots are professionals. There is a job to do; whether they like it or not, they need each other to do it. Pilots are guns-for-hire, not blood enemies. Between them, chivalry is the norm, and any animosity is settled on the field. 

Fighting on the Wild Ten isn’t a solo sport. Working in squads, Robot fire teams are dropped into flashpoints to hold beacons, take ground, and come home in one piece. In this contest, each Robot has a role to play. Heavy-armored mechs can be used as skirmishers in the front line, while lighter units can scout or snipe from a distance. Working together, fast-moving squads take down the opposition like packs of animals. In the Wild Ten, it’s anyone's fight to win or lose.

Keeping Robots fighting is another matter. New Robots might be in short supply on the edge of the galaxy, but ingenuity is not. Modding is a way of life, and often the only way to keep robots running. Every mercenary is an amateur engineer or mechanic with a vision for the perfect Robot build. Whether it's greater agility, more firepower, heavier armor, or just more personal touches, a War Robot is whatever a pilot dreams it could be.

No one knows when or where the next World Gate will be built. The Wild Ten’s habitable planets are everything to everyone now, and conflict is breaking out. Each time a faction claims a location, a counterclaim follows, and like clockwork—a new battle begins. The Corporations see this as a zero-sum. In their view, this isn’t a fight for territory; it's a fight for survival. For the Robot Pilots, it’s a chance to become a legend again.

Stay tuned as the saga continues in War Robots: Frontiers, and discover more Tales From The Wild Ten!

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