Community Wrap Up: August 2023

August was a busy month for War Robots: Frontiers, and you came out in force to join in with community events! Check out what happened in August, and a glimpse of what’s to come in September.

The Lace’s League Results

The Lace is Tortuga’s most infamous mechanic and Robot reseller. His League is designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to celebrate the deadliest pilots in the Wild Ten!

We challenged our Pilots to defeat as many opponents as you could from August 7-31, and you came out in force. Check out the winners (and what they had to say of their victory) below:

HectorGamingYT (First Place: 17,410 Kills)

“The tips and tricks I used were self-taught and I had formed strategies way beyond my thinking just to get in that top three position. [One of these tips is to] activate Titans as early as possible and focus on using close-range-weapons and abilities to maximise the amount of kills per battle.”

HectorGamingYT receives 20,000,000 Alloys for his efforts!

haleKteraz (Second Place: 12,323 Kills)

“I don't have any particular advice to give other than to play, play, and play again.”

haleKteraz goes home with 10,000,000 Alloys!

Sylver943 (Third Place: 2,018 Kills)

“My advice is: persevere and stay on the ball. Defeats and lots of exercises will help you progress. Defeats can also be a victory against yourself.”

Sylver943 grabs 5,000,000 Alloys!

September Community Events

Play Of The Month

Do you have what it takes to be the play of the month? Submit video clips of your best plays, trickshots, and clutch moments via our Discord Gameplay Hub channel, and your fellow Pilots will vote for the top three! 

If you achieve victory, your reward will be a full Robot build of your choice, including all parts, a Pilot, and Weapons (Lvl 1). Full details can be found on Discord.

Show us your skills until September 30! 

Developer Q&A Play Session

Community Play Sessions

Thanks for joining us in August for our weekly Community Play Sessions! In September, these sessions will be held on Discord at 17:00 UTC every Friday. 

Join us to see if you can outplay our resident MVPs!

September Free Week

We’ll be holding our next Free to Play Week later inSeptember and we’ll have a hangar full of prizes to give away, including Alloys, Credits, Intel, Abilities, and even Early Access. Spread the word and stay tuned for more details next week!

Community Content 

Pilots are always sharing their incredible creativity over on Discord, and we want to shine a light on some of the best from August!

Amazing Lego Builds

Check out this Grim and Matriarch Lego build from Zaito! If you want to try to build this yourself, they also helpfully provided a video of the Grim build on YouTube.

Community Contest: Unique Builds

Destroyer ran their own Unique Builds contest with the goal of creating visually unusual Builds.



Development Insights

We regularly share some of the concepts and tweaks we are working on via our Discord, to give players a sneak peek into the development process. A few of the things we shared in August include:

Robot Weathering Effect Concepts

The development team are currently testing various weathering styles (including rust, ice, sand, metal etching, and more) that will be dynamically applied to your Robots based on the map weather conditions. 

Be sure to join our Discord to see all of these updates first. Thanks for playing, Pilots!

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