Play for Free and Win Prizes from September 18–26!

Experience the full Early Access version of War Robots: Frontiers in Free Week, running from September 18–26! Get started by downloading the game via MGLauncher or the Steam Demo Version and play for free without the purchase of a Pioneer Pack.


If you’re new to the Wild Ten, this is your chance to not only experience the full Early Access version of War Robots: Frontiers, but also win permanent Early Access by playing 25 matches

Get the following by playing matches during Free Week:

  • 10 Matches: 240,000 Alloys
  • 20 Matches: 240,000 Alloys and 6,000 Credits
  • 25 Matches: 240,000 Alloys, 6,000 Credits, 250 Intel, and Permanent Early Access


If you have a Pioneer Pack, you can battle for increased rewards throughout this event! Challenge yourself by playing 10, 20, and 25 matches to get a massive dose of Alloys, Credits, Intel, and Abilities.

Get the following by playing matches during Free Week:

  • 10 Matches: 480,000 Alloys
  • 20 Matches: 480,000 Alloys and 12,000 Credits
  • 25 Matches: 480,000 Alloys, 12,000 Credits, 500 Intel, and a LVL 1 Abilities Pack containing Dazzle, Ghost Turret, and Blast Wave


We've been tinkering! Play during this event to experience reduced matchmaking times, re-balanced sonic weapons and bot difficulty, and more.


Invite your friends to join you, or find a new dream team to join you on the Wild Ten. Find your squad and check out the schedule of events via Discord!

IMPORTANT: Any progress made and prizes earned during the Free Week will be retained if you purchase a Pioneer Pack or win Early Access, but are subject to progress wipes once the game enters Open Beta.

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