Happy New Year: Play for Free and Assemble Ares!

Happy New Year, Pilots! As the Festive Free-For-All continues, ring in 2024 by assembling a brand-new Robot build.

Don’t forget, everyone can experience the full Early Access version of War Robots: Frontiers for FREE until January 7 via MY.GAMES Launcher or the Steam Demo Version, even if they don’t own a Pioneer Pack. There’s not long left, so rally your friends and squad up for New Year battles!

New Year’s Daily Battle Event (January 1–7) 

Ares is named after the god of war, so give this Robot a fight worthy of its namesake. Play matches to unlock a brand-new Robot build, weapons, and Pilot:

  • Day 1 (January 1): Ares Legs (Robot Part)
  • Day 2 (January 2): Ares Torso (Robot Part)
  • Day 3 (January 3): Ares Shoulder (Robot Part)
  • Day 4 (January 4): Ares Shoulder (Robot Part)
  • Day 5 (January 5): Scourge x2 (Weapons)
  • Day 6 (January 6): Scourge x2 (Weapons)
  • Day 7 (January 7): Idy "Lantern" Demorest (Pilot)

IMPORTANT: Rewards are subject to a progress wipe when Open Beta begins.

Promo Code Presents

Forgot to unwrap your presents over the holidays? The following promo codes are still available to redeem until January 31, 2024.

  • MTNWFHVK: Grants Trebuchet x1 (Weapon) 
  • 2ERTARQ5: Grants Lancelot Torso x1 (Robot Part) 

If you decide to take up permanent residence in the Wild Ten, grab a Pioneer Pack to unlock a host of awesome in-game content along with full Early Access to War Robots: Frontiers. They’re available via and Steam.

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